2021+ Can Am Maverick X3 195 HP Turbo RR ECU Power Flash + ECU Unlock
2021+ Can Am Maverick X3 195 HP Turbo RR ECU Power Flash + ECU Unlock

2021+ Can Am Maverick X3 195 HP Turbo RR ECU Power Flash + ECU Unlock


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ECU Unlock Service and Flash for 2021 and newer Can-Am X3 RR now available at Precision EFI. 24 hours turnaround time guaranteed to return your ECU


The Can-Am X3 Turbo RR is such an amazing machine, it deserved an enhanced EVP dyno testing and field-testing regimen in order to bring you only THE best tunes available, anywhere! Field-testing the beta stock injector and stock turbo tunes was started in St Anthony, ID. Conditions could not have been worse for a SXS. 93F and 5500' elevation created a density altitude of 9300'. Once we proved the tunes there, we drove straight to Glamis, CA for some of the worst torture-testing we ever done on any vehicle. First, we filled up our X3 with poor California 91 Octane fuel and with ambient temperatures at 110¬∞ F. We ran each tune on both Oldsmobile and at the sand drags over and over again. And we‚ confident our tuning is the most thoroughly tested in the industry.

Now, with our exclusive ECU Unlock Service, 2021-'23 X3 Turbo RR tuning is available WITH NO WAIT!

As most know, the 2021-'23 X3 Turbo RR ECU, have the latest generation encryption/anti-tuning security. Bosch has incorporated a 2048 RSA encryption key, which is not able to be cracked at this time. Rather than trying to resolve the encryption key directly, the engineers at Evolution Powersports attacked the security module that is responsible for verifying the RSA key. It took nearly a year, but through our hard work and dedication we developed a solution that allows us to unlock the MG1C ECU's.

Additionally, once the MG1 Unlock service is performed by EVP & Precision EFI, future tuning changes/updates can be done using either an EVP CodeShooter or Maptuner device ‚ meaning once the ECU is unlocked, it does not have to be sent back in for future tuning changes.


  • Massive power gains
  • Speed Limits Raised / TQ Limits Removed in Low & High Gear
  • Engine Cooling Fan On/Off Temps Modified
  • Low & High Gear Rev Limit Increased
  • Improved Overall Power Delivery, more consistent power in warm climates
  • Improved throttle response
  • Enhanced boost response and boost pressure for more power
  • Race Start ‚ No need to press the brake to start the vehicle in gear
  • Integrated 2-Foot Braking - Gas and Brake at the Same Time
  • Software is Based on the Latest Can-Am Software Update
  • All Tunes Compatible with OEM Catalytic Converter & Muffler

Stock* 205* ~18 8 91 N/A
Stage 3R-91 219 ~20 10 91 Stock or Aftermarket
Stage 3R-93 226 ~22 11 93 Stock or Aftermarket
Stage 3R-95 233 ~24 11 95

Stock or Aftermarket

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