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STAGE 3 - 280 HP

The Stage 3 adds 80hp over stock configuration.
It’s the ultimate performance flash using stock map sensor and injectors.

With this flash, you will get every single horsepower the stock system can deliver safely.

Like our Stage 2 flash, you will need to install a free flowing 2.5” exhaust system and primary clutch weights are a must.

We highly suggest strong arms to hold the handles!

The Precision EFI knock system is include in all our reflash.

Perfect for the trail

Did you know that whenever you want you can improve your stage !
You just have to pay the difference between both stages !
This gives you the flexibility to start with the first stage option and upgrade to a more powerful stage without having to pay the full price again.

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Perfectly matched to the original configuration for precise fit and easy installation. Need only slight simple adjustments.

  • Fits all 2017 & up 998 turbo engine
  • Arctic Cat 9000 series ( zr9000 , M9000, XF 9000, thundercat )
  • Yamaha Sidewinder  -  srx / l-tx / m-tx / x-tx / b-tx
  • Get this ECU Flash by a simple plug into the diagnostic of your powersport vehicle by one of our certified dealers
  • Or by sending us your ECU
You will get the same performance and quality, no matter which option you choose



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