WARRANTY - 850 PATRIOT - Precision EFI



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Our confidence in the quality and reliability of our products allows us to release the world's first exclusive warranty coverage for modified powersport vehicle.

Your original manufacturer's warranty does not cover your modified vehicle equipped with the Precision EFI performance package?

The additional KM+ exclusive warranty will take over!

This additional exclusive warranty covers parts and labor on engine, turbo, fuel system and chain case in the event of a refusal by the manufacturer's warranty.

Do not dilute your fun, give yourself peace of mind with the exclusive additional KM + warranty, available for snowmobiles equipped with Precision EFI flash or performance package installed by one of our certified dealers.

For More information on this warranty click here !

*To be eligible the vehicle must be equipped with a Precision EFI Flash or Performance package installed by one of our certified dealers, must be under the manufacturer's warranty coverage and have a maximum of one year old and 4000 km.

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