STAGE 1R - 900 ACE TURBO-R / MACH Z - Precision EFI
STAGE 1R - 900 ACE TURBO-R / MACH Z - Precision EFI
STAGE 1R - 900 ACE TURBO-R / MACH Z - Precision EFI
STAGE 1R - 900 ACE TURBO-R / MACH Z - Precision EFI


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Stage 1R extracts full potential of your Turbo R***

  • keep the OEM ECU and all its must-have features
  • Get quicker and more precise throttle response and an impressive 218 HP with 91 octane pump gas.
  • Includes our famous PEFI Stainless Steel Downpipe for better gaz and heat evacuation
  • Boost gauge with live and peak data added to the OEM cluster *
  • PEFI knock light added to the OEM cluster *
  • Keep 3 different modes; Eco, Standard and Sport
  • Get same or better fuel economy than the original tune at cruising speed
  • More than 15 000 km of tests in real conditions during the 2021/22 season made it possible to refine this flash to ensure greater or same reliability than original.

Keep the OEM ECU and all its must-have features

The new ECU in your 900 ACE Turbo R, the Bosch MG1 is by far the most advanced in the snowmobile industry. It's part of the evolution of the Mach Z and Turbo R engine. Keeping this sophisticated ECU makes sense.
The new Bosch ECU is almost 2 years of development from a group of BRP and Bosch engineers. Without a significant investment made by an ultra-experienced and competent firm, it's impossible to match this technological advanced ECU.
The MG1 incorporates several essential features such as Cold Start Technology and the ultra-advanced and adaptive knock system that acts instantly to adjust the engine setting depending on the quality and octane rating to eliminate the risk of engine damage.

* Free update coming on January 23rd for customer that already own the stage 1r.
*** With this flash, you need to purchase an ECU Unlock service with lifetime warranty. Click here for more information
*** You must install an adjustable ramps' kit to achieve the perfect RPM.
*** Addition of a Precision EFI Blow Off Valve is highly recommended.

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Did you know that whenever you want you can improve your stage !
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