STAGE 3 - 9000 SERIES - Precision EFI
STAGE 3 - 9000 SERIES - Precision EFI


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STAGE 3 - 280 HP

The Stage 3 adds 80hp over stock configuration.
It’s the ultimate performance flash using stock map sensor and injectors.

With this flash, you will get every single horsepower the stock system can deliver safely.

This Stage 3 Flash has been calibrated specifically for the stock air intake combined with the exhaust back pressure provided by our famous Stainless Steel Quiet 2.5 Exhaust.
Precision EFI ensures perfect operation of this Stage 3 only with this type of exhaust silencer with internal partitions. 
Any other too free flow exhaust such as race can or straight pipe could seriously damage your engine.

We highly suggest strong arms to hold the handles!

The Precision EFI knock system is include in all our reflash.

Perfect for the trail

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Did you know that whenever you want you can improve your stage !
You just have to pay the difference between both stages !
This gives you the flexibility to start with the first stage option and upgrade to a more powerful stage without having to pay the full price again.

Did you know you can also add a warranty to your modified vehicle ? 

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