Smart Shox Reflash - 900 ACE TURBO-R / MACH Z
Smart Shox Reflash - 900 ACE TURBO-R / MACH Z

Smart Shox Reflash - 900 ACE TURBO-R / MACH Z


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We are pleased to release the PEFI Smart Shox Flash that dramatically improves the damping characteristics of your Smart Shox. Over 2 seasons of development and testing based on owner and testers feedback have tuned KYB electronic suspensions for real-world trail conditions. We were delighted to see how well the Smart Shox system adapted to the changes we made to it.

Accelerated Technologies, whose reputation is well established, motorcycle and snowmobile racing suspension specialist has developed 3 suspension modes for the Smart Shox to ensure optimal performance regardless of trail condition or your preferences.

Stock Comfort Mode: The graphic clearly demonstrates a too soft compression and too hard rebound setting to the front. Which resulted in a suspension that sag almost completely. The shocks bottomed easily on the slightest bumps at even medium pace. We also found it to be slow, as the shock tried to recover from high speed hits, which could pack the front end down.
The rear shock quite uncreatively from the factory has just been set with compression at a fine line zero damping. It's so soft that it blows 60% of the travel almost instantly, and then stops. This drove the rider deep in the seat then jettisoned him out the seat. All that poor setting found quickly led to some control loss
PEFI Comfort Mode: We gained both dramatic control and improved comfort with our settings. We also ended up at a much more blended rebound curve in the rear shock to hold its recovery better on the big hits when shock does go deep. This eliminated the tendency of the sled to feel like it was going to eject the rider out of the seat. And it never hits the bottom of his stroke.

Stock Sport Mode: The graphic shows a very fine difference between Comfort and Sport Mode, only a small difference in the rebound setting. However, this mode should satisfy sports riders. Far from it, with all similar weaknesses from the comfort Mode.
PEFI Sport Mode: We kept the same theory of improvements made to comfort mode but with approximaltely 30% more firmness at the front and 20% more at the rear. We put a lot of effort into setting the Sport Mode perfectly as it will definitely be the most used. Our different types of testers loved the new sportier settings which made us feel the front end plant in the corners and the desire to inside ski lift reduced immediately. For the rear we increased compression setting and firmed rebound to match and keep the sled balanced. We really worked on trimming the compression and rebound damping front and rear to keep the sled flat through the bumps and corners.

Stock Sport Plus Mode: For this mode, the manufacturer has pushed front rigidity to a point where it will only be effective on a smooth surface like a pool table. On a bumpy surface the steering becomes imprecise, causing the skis to lose grip. At the rear, the compression was not far from perfect, but the rebound tight setting kept the shock from returning to its initial position, leaving it working close to the end of the stroke.
PEFI Sport Plus Mode: At the front, PEFI Flash settings offer to sport riders better ski grip, total control and no violent reaction on bumps. At the rear we now find a well-balanced rebound curve to perfectly match the progressive skid behavior of the R Motion suspension. A judicious calibration which allows the sled to remain in contact with the surface regardless of its condition.
Accelerated Technologies call this ''the crucial shocks turn around zone''. Nothing more important than feeling connected to the bumps.

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