CLUTCH RAMPS - 9000 SERIES - Precision EFI



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Adjustable clutch ramps for Arctic Cat 9000 Series

This adjustable clutch ramps includes a weights kit to allow you to reach a specific RPM target to get the best efficiency from your selected Stage 1R or higher reflash.

These weights will, of course, incorporate the original “Dalton Quick Adjust” method that allows you to easily make fine tuning gram adjustments without even removing the flyweights from the drive clutch. The Quick adjust passage allows you to add or subtract grams from the flyweight through the entry point at the heel by use of the supplied T-handle Allen wrench. There is also independent threaded adjustment for the tip weight. The tip weight adjustment can be effective at changing both the total mass, and the location of mass on the flyweight. This design has some built in heel type mass, and most models have a wider top design that allows for better belt grip as well as better wear resistance on the roller surface.

  • Complete adjustable kit. All the fasteners you will need are included.
  • Proper fitment. Drop in like stock weights, these are not a previous model that has been adapted. No shims, spacers, extra parts required to fit.
  • Comparable grams. Because they are built specific to the Adapt clutch and have the factory curvature, the grams are comparable to factory weights.
  • Dalton’s Quick Adjust Allows you to easily fine tune grams of the flyweight without removing the flyweight from the clutch

There are many combinations of added fasteners that add to the base weight to allow fine adjustment to the “total grams”, as well as different “placement of mass” combinations.

The different base weights available should fill the needs of most applications. Each base weight can have (up to) approximately 9.4 grams added allowing plenty of fine tuning adjustment, and allows for easy tuning in different forms (EG: tip heavy or heel heavy configurations).

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