STAGE 3R - 9000 SERIES - Precision EFI
STAGE 3R - 9000 SERIES - Precision EFI



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Stage 3r - from race to trail
300 HP pump gas

The stage 3r is the ''best bang for the buck'' kit for drag racing. This kit was made to be the ultimate drag machine while conserving the stock turbo.

While this kit was mainly developed to be used in drag races it is also good to be run in the trails. This kit is affordable and all adjustable from the tip of your fingers for the greatest user-friendly experience.

With its multiple adjustments of power ranging from 250hp to 300hp and its easy to adjust launch control, we assure you that you will have fun every time you go out on a race or in the trails.

We made sure that for your long-distance trip you would have a better fuel economy than a stock machine. When doing some regular trail riding you can expect a better fuel economy due to the fact of the stock mapping being too conservative.

To push it further, we also developed a fuel economy map to help you reach greater distance with peace of mind.

This fuel economy map still maintains greater horsepower than stock.

The precision efi knock system is included in all our reflash.

Kit include:
  • Stage3r Ecu Reflash
  • Dash Reflash
  • Precision EFI Air Intake 
  • Precision EFI Fuel upgraded system
  • Map Sensor

* blow off valve sold separately

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