STAGE 1R - 900 ACE TURBO - Precision EFI



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STAGE 1R - 190HP

The Stage 1R adds 40hp over stock configuration.

Fits all 2019-2021 900T and 2022 900T Expedition

Due to the limitations of some of the original components, we had to engineer new components in order to accomplish a 40HP gain.​
This package runs on our brand new multimap logic and will transform your 900 ace turbo into a real beast!​
You will have two boost level to choose from:​

  • Standard: 14psi
  • Sport: 15psi
The throttle response of this reflash is just insane and it will perform perfectly in any condition.

Our primary adjustable clutch ramps are a must to achieve the optimal RPM. The target RPM is 7900 to 8000 for maximum engine efficiency.

Kit includes:
  • Stage 1 ecu reflash
  • Precision EFI upgraded downpipe.

Perfect for trail application.

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Did you know that whenever you want you can improve your stage !
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