Carlisle Ultimax XS Drive Belt - XS821 - 900T - Precision EFI

Carlisle Ultimax XS Drive Belt - XS821 - 900T & 900R


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  • Knowledgeable snowmobilers agree - the drive belt of choice for high performance is Ultimax XS
  • XS is designed for high horsepower sleds and delivers superior performance and longer belt life
  • XS features a specially formulated rubber compound found in no other snowmobile belt
  • Tests prove that XS transfers more power and runs coole
  • For high performance sleds, capture the power with Ultimax XS

TOP WIDTH: 1 33/64"

* The belt dimensions provided by Carlisle are for reference only. These dimensions should not be used to determine product functionality. Carlisle belts are built to exacting specifications and inspected to ensure strict dimensional compliance. Belt dimensions can vary from one manufacturer to another based on proprietary design information.

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