2012-2022 Polaris RZR 900 ECU Power Flash - Precision EFI
2012-2022 Polaris RZR 900 ECU Power Flash - Precision EFI

2012-2022 Polaris RZR 900 ECU Power Flash


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EVP is proud to announce that Polaris RZR Pro R tuning is now available through our exclusive ECU Unlock Service!

Podium proven and relentlessly tested, EVP tunes deliver the horsepower gains, power to the wheel, and overall performance enhancements it takes to battle and beat the best. Our commitment has always been to provide the most refined, powerful, and methodically tested power flashes available.

Through our development and testing process, we pushed the Pro R to the max to identify areas in need of attention. In the end, the results we achieved are incredible: Monster horsepower gains, significantly raised max speed and rev limits, improved 0-60 mph times/distances, instantaneous throttle response, and a host of additional tune features all guaranteed to transform your entire Pro R riding experience.



  • Significant HP gains across the board on all Pro R tune packages (see table)
  • Rev limits raised to 9000 RPM vs stock 8650 RPM
  • Max speed raised to 110 MPH vs stock 89 MPH
  • Faster 0-60 MPH times/distances
  • Cooling fan triggered at 195°F vs stock 205°F
  • Improved throttle response in Race Mode
  • Improved throttle response and TQ in Sport Mode
  • Optimized ignition advance, fuel delivery, and TQ mapping


Upon receiving your ECU at our facility, EVP engineers will perform the Bench Flash to install your chosen Tune Package software, as well as perform a CAN unlock*. The CAN unlock will allow all future tune updates and/or upgrades to be performed via EVP CodeShooter or Maptuner tuning devices (COMING SOON). *This CAN unlock can only be performed at EVP Wisconsin facility.  The standard performance (Without) CAN unlock can be performed at select EVP dealers.  

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