After several months of research and development on the new 900 ACE Turbo-R ECU, here is the moment.
Precision EFI announces its new 900 ACE turbo-R Stage 1 designed specifically for the OEM ECU
No need to replace the ECU or add a standalone device (cost up to 2500$).

- This new and very powerful ECU chosen by BRP is part of the evolution of the 900 ACE Turbo-R, it's filled with unique characteristics and original functionalities.

- You keep the OEM reliability which includes Ski-Doo famous cold start technologie and the possibility to get a diagnosis from a BRP dealer.


The first procedure to get the Precision EFI 900 ACE Turbo-R Stage 1 is to unlock your ECU. You need to send your ECU to us once, to unlock it.
But the good news is that all other Precision EFI Stages that will be available in the future can be done by a simple plugging into the diagnostic port or your 900 ACE turbo-R sled by one of our certified dealers.

- Lifetime ECU unlock : 999.99$*

- Stage 1: 599.99$*

Total: $1599.98*


Here are your options before the official launch:

- Reservation (250$ deposit) (ECU unlocking will be done in order according to reservation dates)

Click here for the reservation

-Subscribe to be notified by phone or e-mail at the time of the launch.

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