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ECU Unlock Service 900T-R/Mach Z
ECU Unlock Service 900T-R/Mach Z

ECU Unlock Service 900T-R/Mach Z


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The 900 ACE Turbo-R ECU has an encryption security device, this new Bosch RSA 2048 Key prevents any hacking.
After several months of research and development, we have found a solution that unlocks that ECU.

Here is the first Precision EFI Unlock Service which neutralizes the security module to allow us to flash your ECU.

Limited availability

Due to the large amount of 900 ACE Turbo R ECU Unlock Service reservations, we can no longer take reservations. Leave your details contact by filling the web form, we will contact you in chronological order when this service will be available again.

The advantages of keeping the OEM ECU are multiple:

  • This new and very powerful ECU chosen by BRP is part of the evolution of the 900 ACE turbo-R, it's filled with unique characteristics and original functionalities, such as the possibility of a complete BRP diagnostic.
  • Thanks to the Precision EFI Unlock Service, there is no need to replace the ECU or add a standalone device (cost up to 2500$)

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