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Precision EFI introduces the new range of performance products for the Sea-Doo Spark.

Transform your Sea-Doo with our 105 hp Stage 1 flash without changing or adding any parts.
Available for all Spark (2014-2022) models 2up and 3up equipped with the  60 or 90 hp 900 ACE engine
Get more power and torque as well as almost the double of throttle response. No more long draft, in fact it jumps its first wave !
The Stage 1 offers instant start and recovery and an increased top speed

The Stage 1 retains the 2 mapping modes, the Sport mode being the most efficient.
While it is not risky to fill up with regular gas for the reliability of your engine, to get the full potential of the Precision EFI Flash you must use 91 octane pump gas.

Big fun, worry-free!
The Precision EFI Stage 1 is several weeks of development on engine dyno and in real conditions, taking into account the engine parameters and tolerances to ensure to remain within the manufacturer reliability standards. And good news? At cruising speed, the fuel economy remains identical to the original mapping.

Call a Precision EFI certified dealer now to benefit from the many advantages of the Stage 1 by a simple plug into the diagnostic of your personal watercraft.

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Did you know that whenever you want you can improve your stage !
You just have to pay the difference between both stages !
This gives you the flexibility to start with the first stage option and upgrade to a more powerful stage without having to pay the full price again.

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