Regular price $445.00

Stock   :  45 hp

Stage 1 : 65 hp

Stage 2 : 69 hp  *** Full sport exhaust required ***

 Flash features :

  • Available for Outlander-Renegade 570 2018 to present
  • 8300 rpm limit stage 1
  • 8500 rpm limit stage 2
  • ⁠TQ limits adjusted
  • Speed limiter removed
  • Improved throttle response
  • Lowered fan start temp
  • Fuel requirements 91 octane
  • Limited speed of 40 or 60 km/h available on work key
  • All tuning files for your model are available with this license

The Can-Am Outlander 570 (and it’s sibling Renegade 570) are in fact using the same 650cc engine found in the 650 models from Can-Am. Apart from a different stock engine software that is. With our Stage 1 tuning software we take the 570 to - and beyond - the performance of the stock 650.

Our main focus is always overall drivability and ”accessible performance” at any time, instead of just peak power.

Programming is performed in a couple of minutes with the MaptunerX or Maptuner Nano and you get access to all tuning software available for your vehicle.

Our tuning engineer’s comment:
” - The performance increase of the 570 is of course very noticeable with the power and torque upped 35% and 30% respectively. The engine really comes alive and becomes more responsive and feels less "choked" compared to stock. It's a joy to drive regardless of whether you're just transporting, battling hard terrain or maxing it out on a dirt road! The tune
also works great for newer models with iTC and retains the different driving modes (Work, Standard and Performance).”

The first thing we do is getting familiar with the vehicle and the engine construction, and perform thorough tests on the stock configuration in our dyno facility. Already at this stage we install a variety of sensors to accurately measure pressures, temperatures, fuel, flow and power. With full access to the ECU and all its different maps we can begin localizing the necessary parameters that will need to be adjusted. By adjusting in small increments and performing lots and lots of test runs in the dyno, we can closely monitor the process and record how the engine responds to the changes. We stress test the engine by running it hard over extended periods of time, at both full and partial load, to make sure temperatures and other parameters don’t reach harmful levels over time.
Once we have achieved the power figures we desire, field testing begins. Driving the vehicles in the same environments as our customers is crucial to getting the best possible driveability. All the sensors are still installed on the vehicle and we get copious amounts of data for review. Thanks to the MaptunerX, we can also test, adjust and refine the tune on location during field testing. After field testing the software we hand it over to our ambassadors and racers. This is the key to test the tunes in real-world situations and with many different driving/riding styles. Using the MaptunerX Data Logger we get feedback and even more data to analyze. We can then adjust the tune individually and let different riders/drivers try out different tunes to see what works best.

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