Lifetime warranty

This ECU Unlock Service includes an ECU lifetime warranty*
Warning: Any BRP reprogramming or update will immediately void this warranty 


When we receive your ecu, the process only takes 2 days, and we will send your computer back to you.

The 900 ACE Turbo-R ECU has an encryption security device, this new Bosch RSA 2048 Key prevents any hacking.
After several months of research and development, we have found a solution that unlocks that ECU.

The advantages of keeping the OEM ECU are multiple:

  • This new and very powerful ECU chosen by BRP is part of the evolution of the 900 ACE turbo-R, it's filled with unique characteristics and original functionalities, such as the possibility of a complete BRP diagnostic.
  • Thanks to the Precision EFI Unlock Service, there is no need to replace the ECU or add a standalone device (cost up to 2500$)

Here is the first Precision EFI Unlock Service which neutralizes the security module to allow us to flash your ECU.